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Duplicazione e Rinascita
The project Duplicazione e Rinascita (DR) was initiated in January 2003 when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs entrusted Prof. Saporetti (Associazione Geo-Archaeologica Italiana, Centro Studi Diyala) and the team of the Center of Assyriology with the creation of a catalogue of the cuneiform inscriptions in the Iraq Museum in Baghdad (Iraq).

Duplicazione e Rinascita cooperates with ENEA (Dir. Paola Negri Scafa) for virtual reproductions of the catalogued material (project kima labirišu).

The project is part of a wider series of initiatives taken by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to assist the recovery and protection of the Iraqi cultural heritage following the recent war.

Duplicazione e Rinascita has the following, final objectives:

  • A complete catalogue of the cuneiform inscriptions in the Iraq Museum, starting with those already published

  • A partial catalogue of other objects in the Iraq Museum

  • Virtual reproduction of clay tablets and other objects carrying cuneiform inscriptions

  • Physical reproduction of the tablets and other objects for scientific or didactic purposes using the method of Rapid Tooling

At present about 12.000 texts (and some 9000 other objects) have been catalogued.

All the results of the project will be handed over to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs which will be responsible for their transfer to the Iraqi authorities.
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